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Local Box


Our local box includes organic and natural local herbs and veggies from our mini farm plus we source veggies from local mini farms as well to bring you the freshest variety.

The local box contents vary from month to month. However, you can count on it to include the seasons top veggies and herbs. When you sign up above for the  "Monthly Local Box" you are agreeing to purchase the Local Box on a monthly basis to be delivered once a month to the address you provide or at one of our designated pick up locations.

When you sign up for a "One Time Local Box" you will receive the Local Box one time. The Local Box will be delivered at the next earliest delivery schedule.

All Local Box deliveries are scheduled for the last Friday of the month.

There is a limited supply of Local Box fresh Veggies & Herbs available. We provide on a first come first serve basis. Choosing to enroll in our monthly membership program assures you will receive your Local Box every month from May to October. You may cancel at any time, and we will stop the monthly delivery. However, you must cancel within 15 days of the regularly scheduled monthly delivery date. Note: We strive to provide the best packing and shipping to prevent bruising of veggies. Although, it does not occur often sometimes you might receive a bruised tomato. If this occurs please let us know and we will replace it in your next order. We strive to provide pick-up at local delivery locations in your area for your convenience. However, be advised that we are not responsible for deliveries left at local delivery locations or for home deliveries left unattended. Thank you for supporting sustainability, living green, and your local mini farms.